It may seem hard, but in reality, you have what it takes to excel

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What is important is what you do today. Successful people simply perform actions that may seem completely meaningless at the time, but they repeat them over and over again until they achieve the desired result due to their endless everyday efforts.

The reason for failure is very simple, as is the solution to the problem, although it is not so easy to implement it. It consists of developing a sufficient level of self-control and discipline so that you can move forward. …

And doing it once and for all the right way

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Our lives are full of goals, the ones we want to achieve, the ones that society wants us to achieve, and some that our parents want us to achieve.

For the most part, all of us have fairly similar goals, maybe not in the same order, or maybe not all of them, but for the most part, we do. We want to lose weight, graduate, get a good profession, get married, have children, buy a house, earn money, travel, live a happy life, be successful, fall in love, buy a new car, climb Everest.

Well, you get the idea. Goals…

It is not an exact science, but there are a few patterns you can see and follow to make the transition easier on you and your baby

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This is a common topic amongst parents and there is no single right answer, or one single pattern for all babies, but there are a few cues that a parent can follow, to see what is happening with their kid, to know when and how the actual transition is going to take place.

The transition, from three naps to two naps, happens between six and eight months of age for most babies, but not for all. The role of the third nap is to accumulate a little strength for the rest of the day before bedtime is approaching. It is…

Respect yourself enough to improve yourself and your life

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This one is an interesting topic for me, I have always been the one that holds myself up to high standards and when I fail I manage to damage myself more in the process. It is an ever-going thing in my life, and it takes a lot of strength to change, but it is achievable, it can be done.

This isn’t necessarily about just raising the high standards for yourself, where you keep yourself in check, and where you become upset if nothing goes your way. …

Setting healthy boundaries is critical — here are helpful tips for every new parent on setting healthy boundaries

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Navigating motherhood as a first-time mom can be difficult and challenging, it can be physically and mentally draining. And on top of all of that if others around us don’t know any boundaries or don’t know how to respect boundaries it can be difficult to manage everything and explain to others what our boundaries are.

We all are different, we all have different perspectives on life, different aspirations, and different ways of doing things in life. We all have different boundaries and different understanding of them. What one may think is appropriate others may not. …

Be aware of your inner world, thoughts, and make contact with the earth and the world itself

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“I love walking in the woods, along the trails, by the beaches. I love being part of nature. I love walking alone. It is therapy. One needs to be alone, to recharge one’s batteries.” — Grace Kelly

Let the Stress Flow to the Ground

Walking is a valuable physical activity that can be easily incorporated into the daily rhythm, into your daily routine. The rhythmic, gentle, calm movement has a calming effect. With the rhythm, we can concentrate on the things we do or enjoy. A walk should always bring peace and calmness to your day.

The pace of conscious walking is a great way to clear…

The best tip to find the motivation to eat healthy and live a healthy life — Increase Your Enthusiasm

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“Meaningful, long-lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself, and know that the progress is in the process. Start by finding something you enjoy, and create space in your schedule to practice that thing each day. Make it a priority, and you will eventually make it a habit.”
Melissa Steginus

Follow Through and Work Hard to Make a Change

This was the hardest one for me. Even though I did set my mind to the change and I tried to go for it, I was struggling.

The food I made at home was healthy, because I bought all of the necessary ingredients, limiting my choices of unhealthy…

These questions can help you understand yourself better and give more insight into what your lifelong goals are

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When I made the decision that I want to know more about myself and truly find out what my life’s purposes were I started to research methods to do so. And I came upon a list of self-reflecting questions, that seemed deep enough to truly make me reflect and understand who I am and what I want to be.

Wanting to know yourself better is a great thing to do, and asking a few questions and being honest with yourself is the right path to take. …

Here are 2 things that happened to me since I simplified my life

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“Having more and more won’t solve the problem, and happiness does not lie in possessions, or even relationships: The answer lies within ourselves. If we can’t find peace and happiness there, it’s not going to come from the outside.”— Tenzin Palmo

It seems simple, right? The answer lies within ourselves, but we sometimes struggle to understand ourselves or we lose ourselves in the process of living life, but we have to remember that we live in a different time of life, there are choices to be made and we are in charge of that.

We see others acquire more and…

The first hurdle we must cross in achieving goals is the one we are creating ourselves

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I truly believe that anything we want to achieve in life starts with us, with our mindset and attitude towards life and the path we choose to take.

Everything is in our hands, and the sooner we understand that the better life will be. Taking charge of our life, setting our minds to being better, and finding a way to achieve our intended goals in life is a great way to live.

Taking simple steps towards and not looking back, and not defining ourselves by the failures we face, but instead taking the time to learn and grow, is a…

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