Any vacation can do the trick, but be aware of a few things before going on to your next one

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How often do we think: all that is needed for happiness is rest. However, in practice, it turns out that the brain usually has difficulty coping with rest. Do we always return from vacation or travel positively charged?

No, not really, sometimes it seems that we need rest from the rest we just had. All the beneficial effects of the holidays can disappear after a month or even after the first day of work, it is just the way it is.

We think we need a vacation to travel and see the world, to clean out our minds, and be…

Getting into a new daily routine is hard, but you can do it, I believe in you!

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When I started my own exercise journey I learned a lot from others sharing their tips and tricks on how to get ahead.

Time to pay some of it forward, by sharing my own best pieces of advice!

1. How to Fix Your Lack of Motivation to Exercise

Motivation is a process that guides and maintains our behaviors. Motivation is why people do what they do in everyday life. It is what drives them towards a goal, a task to be finished, a good day to have.

2. A Different Approach to Follow to Find Your Motivation to Eat More Healthy

By following through and working hard on the change you want to see, by setting your mind to success and actually going for…

And not dread the next exercise

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We all know that exercise is a must-have part of any daily routine. It makes us stronger and healthier and happier if we stick to it and eventually get the results we are longing for.

But sticking to a routine and actually giving our best to exercise can be tough and sometimes even hard to stick to. We start multiple times and we drop everything multiple times.

For the most part, it all comes down to how we look at things in the long run. Exercise isn’t something you do for a while and then stop, it is a lifelong…

Let’s look at the seven stages in detail

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The stages of falling in love, romance, flowers and chocolate, and beautiful plans for the future are just the beginning of any relationship.

Sometimes even the worst parts of any relationship can be challenging yet we need to understand that they are all necessary parts of life, and there is always a time when these stages end and the next ones begin.

The first relationship crisis and all the other experiences in a lifelong relationship are like smaller or larger steps that need to be overcome to reach the next stage of growth together.

Going through these stages and understanding…

Think about your life and what you can lose, if you aren’t aware enough

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Always be self-aware about your surroundings to be selfish enough to fully enjoy your life and where you are in life.

Life is short and sometimes it can become shorter if we don’t pay attention to things around us. Being aware and noticing things and dangerous situations and sketchy people can potentially save your life and give you more time with your loved ones in the future.

Stay Away From Strangers in Cars — No Rides From Strangers

I don’t know how popular this is now, but when I was about 20 years old, this was one way to get to where you needed, without having to spend any money.


And I will tell you how to change that in 3 simple ways

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Ok, I didn’t want to sound so dramatic, we aren’t really wasting life away all the time, sometimes there are times where we just need a break from it all and it is fine.

And then there are times where giving ourselves some time to recuperate and maybe make a few mistakes along the road, can bring us right back on the right track.

It isn’t about failing or distracting ourselves, it is about giving ourselves time to get back on track and get back being better than we were before.

There are a few things you can do when…

Take charge of your path and be the push you need in life

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I am a big believer in taking care of yourself and taking the time to recuperate, clear your mind, and take care of your body. We are all human, so there is no way we can actually run through life without stopping and taking a breath.

Yes, there is so much to do in life, and so little time to do so, but the real question is – where are we running to? …

It’s Not That Simple!

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During the pregnancy and after the birth, I followed the new mothers’ forums, where the topic of intimate intimacy gained a lot of attention between birth stories, children’s measurements, first teeth, diapers, and general well-being.

Some of the participants took a few weeks after giving birth to actively have great intimate moments with their partners. Some took more than that.

As the birth stories are different for everyone, the same goes for the postpartum and the sex life as well.

It takes time, for some more than others and for some a long time in general. There is no shame…

I share a secret on how I learned how to break a bad habit permanently

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All bad habits have the potential to interrupt your life and keep you away from accomplishing your goals. Some of the bad habits even have a chance to badly influence your health — both mentally and physically. And for the most part, every bad habit you have and do every day wastes your precious time and your energy, all things you could use by doing things you like or doing things that can make a great impact on you and your life altogether.

There are things that hold us back from being productive and achieving things we most long for…

Living your best life means focusing on what you can control to maximize pleasure and minimize pain

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Making a conscious decision to live your best life, and give your best effort in life is the most important first step that can lead you to great things in life.

Once you decide that you are in charge and that you want to change your patterns and behaviors, new improved patterns and behaviors will become your new daily habits.

Knowing how to move forward and giving your best effort to live your best life, means that you are accepting your past, and you know how to focus on the present and the great future ahead.

We can’t change what…

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