The power of understanding thoughts is complicated yet much-needed power that we can master and use to our advantage.

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Understanding our thought process and the way our mind is working is one of the strongest useful power a person can possess. Being able to power through any thought we are having and setting it into the right places can benefit simple aspects of our life.

We all need to find a way on how to developed and master it to our advantage so we can use it to better ourselves and the days we are having.

The power of the mind can create success or create failure, it can shift your happiness into unhappiness and the other way around…

Start today and see the difference tomorrow

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The main thing we all need to do is to lead a healthy enough life that we can give ourselves a chance to enjoy the beauty that the world is giving us. A healthy lifestyle is as simple as incorporating beneficial habits into our daily regular routine.

By making a few simple changes to our daily routine we can give ourselves a chance to succeed. Anything we do to improve ourselves will impact our life and will greatly impact our health.

From time to time we need to remind ourselves that a healthy life means being in a good health…

You don’t need to do a complete circle of change to improve

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Improving one’s life isn’t about one big change, it is about taking small steps, one by one, and focusing on changing towards greater things in life. It mostly comes down to simple everyday things and making a conscious choice to change.

Life is full of daily tasks we all need to do, work and life are constantly out of balance, and it may give us a sense that we are losing grip on reality, and sometimes it may be the case. But don’t crumble under it, it is easy to lose grip as it is easy to get it back.

Life improves when we work on ourselves daily

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The concept of personal growth can be understood in many different ways. In general, it is the acquisition of skills and benefits that help raise life to a new level. Personal growth can be defined as a general development process that doesn’t stop throughout life. It is an ongoing lifestyle adjustment, where we take every day by itself and learn and grow as we move forward.

In a personal growth journey, a person learns to be aware of himself, improves his personal qualities, and reaches his goals and dreams, thus significantly increasing his life quality. …

Write down your desires and make plans for your future

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Life is full of unpredictable moments, where we may lose track of our progress and our steps to greater things in life. Any setback is an opportunity to learn from and grow.

We all have a path to take, there may be loops in this path or straight forward road ar a slight setback, it doesn’t matter, we all have our own path we need to take, and we need to see and feel the signs that we are on the right track.

Being in sync within ourselves is the greatest thing we can learn and learn to use to…

We have to go through hard parts to rise above

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Self-love is about our actions, as much as about our own thoughts. We must remember that we are important to ourselves. The way we are, and who we are is the most important thing. Taking good care of ourselves, means we know we are important not only to ourselves but to the others around us. It may seem like a hard task, but it is our life, and we are in charge.

Even the happiest of people have self-doubt and guilt about how they perceive themselves. There isn’t a single person who hasn’t ever felt sad or unaccomplished.

Even the…

Our inner life determines our outer success in life

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We tend to think that success only comes for hard workers, and it is measured by the amount of money we make. But it isn’t entirely true; we can measure success in many different ways. Success means different things to different people. Half of the journey is putting enough time into reaching our goals; the other half is trying hard enough to get there. And it doesn’t necessarily mean hard work; we can successfully use our minds and set reachable goals and succeed.

Successful people fail more times than we can imagine, but the main thing is — they always…

Exploring nature is the best escape, the best medicine, and the best way to find our way back up

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Nature inspires, motivates, and enlightens us; nature is a way for us to learn and take away simple life lessons. The divine beauty of nature is visible when we open our eyes and breath in the open air.

Quality of life can mainly be achieved through healthy behaviors that promote physical comfort, environmental friendliness, and life success.

Walking in the woods is a way to keep a healthy mind and body. Life goes on outside the hustle of the city. …

See how changing your life can give you value and purpose in life

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A few years back, I had this family friend as my mentor; I think she saw great potential in my abilities even when I didn’t see anything. I remember her always saying to me — aspire to be great, aspire to be happy, discover who you are and what you need. She always reminded me that everyone has the ability to be great; there are many positive characteristics in all of us; we need to know a way how to reach that potential.

We are unique; we are our own person, with our own successes and life’s failures; we don’t…

We need to make a transition

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There is no doubt that this year has dramatically changed the work-life balance. With more businesses encouraging employees to work from home and some being forced to do so, things are changing, and we need to change within that.

Working from home is a hot topic right now; some companies are struggling; some are striving, having the right tools to make the change can make or break working from home.

Working from home is not easy; it is challenging, and it can be exhausting. So setting structures and guidelines is a must, not only for yourself but for your colleagues.

Sandija Sproģe

I publish about productivity, healthy lifestyle, self-development, mindset, relationships.

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